Partner Rx: Simplifying The Business Development Process & Driving Results In M&A For Life Science Companies

by SUPERBCREW / 28 November, 2017

What is Partner Rx?
"Partner Rx is a membership only site dedicated to the Business Development organizations in the Life Sciences community. L&A and M&A are such a big part of the Life Science landscape that finding a partner can be time consuming and expensive. We focus on the buyer identification stage of the process."


Partner Rx: Life Science Marketplace where Business Development Professionals can post or find a Product or Clinical Asset for Sale, Purchase, in or out License or Co-Market

by Diana Ahearn / 18 April, 2016

"The most difficult and critical part of the Business Development process is targeting potential partners. Companies large and small have the difficult task of soliciting potential partners who are both interested and strategically aligned with their offering. Partner Rx simplifies this process by bringing together everything companies need to connect and make an informed decision. Partner Rx links buyers and sellers from the pharmaceutical, device and consumer sectors of the healthcare industry. We’ve created a virtual partnering conference on line which is both effective and cost efficient. With a few clicks of your mouse you are in contact with a community of companies and business development professionals. The site is designed to maximize your ability to partner."

- Diane Ahearn

Partner Rx: The Innovative Business Development Partnering Website

by Diana Ahearn / 15 April, 2016

PartnerRX is a dynamic membership only web site dedicated to Business Development organizations in the Life Sciences community. For less than the cost of attending one industry conference, you will be in contact with a community of buyers and sellers who are interested in partnering. Partner Rx is designed to simplify the partnering process and maximize your potential to find the right partner. Below is our interview with Diane M. Ahearn, CEO and Founder of PartnerRX.

Partner Rx, LLC Launches Business Development Partnering Website

by Diana Ahearn / 24 March, 2016

Partner Rx, LLC today announced that it has launched its health sciences website: Partner Rx is an online secure confidential marketplace dedicated to enhancing the business development process. It allows Business Development Professionals a platform to find partners in the areas of licensing, co-marketing, acquisitions and divestitures.