What is Partner Rx?

Partner Rx is a membership only site dedicated to the Business Development organizations in the Life Sciences community. L&A and M&A are such a big part of the Life Science landscape that finding a partner can be time consuming and expensive.

How does Partner RX work?

Partner Rx is set up to be easy to set up and simple to use.

1) Create a company profile. If one already exists, you can add an additional seat

2) Set up you profile

3) Share your documents securely. Now potential partners can find you

How is my asset found?

Once you post your non-confidential summary, it is searchable in our database. When a partner is looking for an asset that matches, you show up.

What happens when I find a match?

When you find an asset that matches your needs, you contact the individual listed in the profile to set up an in-depth discussion.

Does Partner Rx stay involved with the process?

No, we are focused on the most time consuming aspect of Business Development. Finding an potential partner with similar interests.

Do you take a percentage of the transaction?

No, we are focused on creating partnerships. Our business model is based off membership fees.

Why should I use Partner Rx?

Partner Rx is the only partnering website serving the Business Development groups in the Life Science industry. For less than the cost of one trade event, you are put into contact with a community of buyers and sellers who are interested in partnering.

The site is designed around you and allows you to find potential deals and review those that fit your company’s strategy. All with a few clicks of a mouse. It is simple to setup and easy to use.