About us

Partner Rx was formed to connect buyers and sellers in a secure, confidential marketplace. If you are looking to license (in or out), co-market, or acquire/sell, you will find it here.

Business Development Consulting Services

Partner Rx, LLC is now is offering consulting services for business development professionals and their organizations. Our consulting staff has decades of experience in Business Development and the Life Sciences Industry.

Our experience and expertise in the Licensing, M&A and Divestiture process can provide valuable results for any small, medium or large life science company seeking to enhance their success from identification of an opportunity through transition. Allow us to assist in any or all phases of the process.

Partner Rx can provide services related to:

  • Project Management
  • Company Solicitation
  • Asset Identification
  • Developing Business Rationales
  • Preparing Summary Memorandums
  • Developing Confidential Information Portfolios
  • Primary or Secondary Market Research
  • Forecast Modeling
  • Due Diligence Preparation
  • Negotiation Strategy
  • Transition planning and Project Management

Please contact: Diane Ahearn at diane@partner-rx.com for further information or for a free consultation.